Kate Satori

Cozy Witch Mysteries: Magic, Crystals, Tarot, Talking Cats, and New Age Witches

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Jeanette was rich, successful, and universally loathed. When she winds up dead at a local day spa, the business is forced to close until answers can be found. Was it a beauty treatment that killed her? Did a detox go bad? Or was there deadly intention behind her demise?

Dawn Landry can’t afford the cut to her pay when the spa shuts down. With the help of her coworker and friend, she dives into the case in an effort to move things along. If they can track down the killer before the spa’s reputation is ruined, she won’t lose her job along with the roof over her head.

Things go from bad to worse, when she’s run off the road. Can Dawn unravel the mystery of who killed Jeanette before she becomes the next victim? Enjoy a snack-sized mystery full of mischief and mayhem.

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