Keystone County Witches

Keystone County Witches is currently a 7 book cozy mystery series that features a small town vibe, a witch and her talking cat.  Book 8 will be released during the summer of 2023.  If you’re in Kindle Unlimited, this series is a free read.

Cozy Witch Mysteries - paranormal supernatural witch mysteries which are family friendly. It shows the 8 covers of the series with a picture of a cat on each book and another magical element.

New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries

A new series  is coming in early 2023. The first book, Magic Books and Dirty Looks is a fun romp  you’re going to love! Join Dr. Samara Vestry (a mobile veterinarian), her quirky friends and neighbors, along with her kooky family and talking cats. 

What is a cozy mystery? New to reading cozy mystery series? Trying to understand the difference between cozies and other traditional mystery books? Learn more about cozy mysteries here.

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