Kate Satori

Cozy Witch Mysteries: Magic, Crystals, Tarot, Talking Cats, and New Age Witches

Keystone County Witches

Keystone County Witches is currently a COMPLETED 8 book cozy mystery series that features a small town vibe, a witch, and her talking cat.  

cozy mystery books with witches, Keystone County Witches series by Kate Satori

New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries

A new series  is here… The first book, Magic Books and Dirty Looks is a fun romp  you’re going to love! Join Dr. Samara Vestry (a mobile veterinarian), her quirky friends and neighbors, along with her kooky family and talking cats. Then be sure to follow through adventures through “Magic Cats and Deadly Spats” along with “Magic Brooms and Empty Rooms.”

What is a cozy mystery? New to reading cozy mystery series? Trying to understand the difference between cozies and other traditional mystery books? Learn more about cozy mysteries here.

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