Welcome to Red Cedar Valley, a small town full of fun, magic, witches, and cozy cats. It sits right in the heart of Pennsylvania. The Keystone County Witches series starts with a family of imperfectly perfect witches, along with a few four-legged familiars, like Phoenix, a snarky, overly dramatic cat. Be sure to check it out.

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Start here, Book 1 An Imperfectly Perfect Witch

Kate has hex appeal, or maybe she’s jinxed. Only time will tell. Sit for a spell and enjoy a new cozy mystery with witches, magic, and a snarky cat. Kate Brody’s café serves up enchanted drinks boosted with a touch of her special magic, along with tasty treats. Unfortunately, trouble finds its way to her door.

Betsy Ambrose is aghast that a witch owns the shop beside her store. She’s made it perfectly clear, she’s no fan of witches living or working in Keystone County. Even worse, her daughter is newly engaged to Kate’s brother. There’s no way she’ll let her daughter get tangled up with witches—it would ruin her family’s reputation. She promises to stop the couple from tying the knot, no matter what it takes.

When Betsy dies at the newly engaged couple’s party, all eyes are cast on the Brody family. After all, they hosted the fest and prepared the food. If that wasn’t enough, Kate’s mother threatened Betsy within days of her death. With a police detective convinced the witchy duo had something to do with the murder, and a local reporter digging up dirt that doesn’t want to be unearthed, Kate is determined to figure out who the killer is to clear her family name.

Will witches be cast out of the small Pennsylvania town they call home? Or can Kate find answers that don’t want to be found? An Imperfectly Perfect Witch is the first book in a new paranormal cozy mystery series. Enjoy a fun, easy read that’s twisted with magic, mystery, and a cauldron full of mayhem.

Ready for book 2 in the series? A Deceptively Honest Witch

Do you love fun cozy mysteries with witches and snarky, talking cats? Can’t get enough tarot card readings, crystals, herbs, and magic spells?

Kate Brody is a nosy new age witch with a business to run. She doesn’t have time to solve crime. Unfortunately, when a dead body is found in her small Pennsylvania town, she gets dragged into the mess by her best friend. Avery’s always had her back, and Kate will do anything she can to help.

Can Kate rely on her magic for answers? Or will her spells be dead in the water like the victim was?

In a tangled case of missed leads and misdeeds, Kate scrambles to find answers before her best friend’s brother ends up being charged for a crime that he says he didn’t commit. “A Deceptively Honest Witch” is the second book in the Keystone County Witches series.

Book 3 is here! A Fairly Obvious Witch

Kate Brody wrestles with a hectic, non-stop schedule. Lately, she’s burning the witch candle at both ends. Between work and enhancing her magical spell knowledge, she’s petering out.  As for her social life, it’s all but dead, like the body found in a local competing coffee shop.

Join the small town charm and magical characters of Keystone County as Kate tackles a new and deadly mystery. She’s only got one thing on her mind–finding answers.

Enjoy a cozy mystery that offers witches, a talking cat, magic, along with a cauldron of mayhem. A Fairly Obvious Witch is the third book in the Keystone County Witches series.

A Randomly Organized Witch, book 4, arrives May 5th.


Kate Brody may have things together at work, but at home, she’s anything but organized. Her silverware drawer is a jumble of forks and spoons that don’t match, her desk is littered with enough sticky-notes to start a campfire, and her closet resembles the aftermath of a rockslide.

Non-stop nagging from her mother forces her hand. She begrudgingly hires a professional organizer to get things in order. It seems to be going well—until the woman keels over in her bedroom closet. Not good. She’s stiffer than an 80’s hair style that’s been glued into place with five bottles of hairspray.

It doesn’t take long for the tragic news to spread like wildfire. All eyes turn to Kate. Now, locked in the local detective’s crosshairs, she scrambles to find answers before he concludes she’s the guilty party. It’s not like the autopsy report is helping her case.