Kate Satori

Cozy Witch Mysteries: Magic, Crystals, Tarot, Talking Cats, and New Age Witches

Keystone County Witches, Book 7

How well do you know your friends? Kate Brody is ready to enjoy her new-found freedom after closing her café. With a fresh start, a change in business plans, and a new friend in town, she’s off to a good start. Unfortunately, things take a turn when her friend, Daphne, is implicated in a murder.

Daphne was the last one seen arguing with the odd, cranky lawyer—and the one who found his dead body. With all eyes on Daphne as the most obvious suspect, there’s a flush of whispers quickly spreading across town.

Can Kate help Daphne clear her name before her reputation is shredded to tatters? Or is Daphne hiding a secret all her own? With a cast of quirky characters, and a mystery loaded with small-town charm, can you solve this case before Kate does? Can Kate’s witchy magic help solve the case, or will it hinder her at every move?

Keystone County Witches, Book 7
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