Kate Satori

Cozy Witch Mysteries: Magic, Crystals, Tarot, Talking Cats, and New Age Witches

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Kate has hex appeal, or maybe she’s jinxed. Only time will tell. Sit for a spell and enjoy a new cozy mystery with witches, magic, and a snarky cat. Kate Brody’s café serves up enchanted drinks boosted with a touch of magic and tasty treats. Unfortunately, trouble finds its way to her door.

Betsy Ambrose is aghast that a witch owns the shop beside her store. She’s made it perfectly clear, she not a fan of witches living or working in Keystone County. Even worse, her daughter is newly engaged to Kate’s brother. There’s no way she’ll let her daughter get tangled up with witches—it would ruin her family’s reputation. She promises to stop the couple from tying the knot, no matter what it takes.

When Betsy dies at the newly engaged couple’s party, all eyes are cast on the Brody family. After all, they hosted the fest and prepared the food. If that wasn’t enough, Kate’s mother threatened Betsy within days of her death. With a police detective convinced the witchy duo had something to do with the murder, and a local reporter digging up dirt that doesn’t want to be unearthed, Kate is determined to figure out who the killer is to clear her family name.

Will witches be cast out of the small Pennsylvania town they call home? Or can Kate find answers that don’t want to be found? An Imperfectly Perfect Witch is the first book in a new paranormal cozy mystery series. Enjoy a fun, easy read that’s twisted with magic, mystery, and a cauldron full of mayhem.

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