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Tarot Cards

Have you been thinking of adding a new tarot deck to your collection? 

Here are a few popular and fun tarot decks worth checking out. 

My son picked me up the Disney Villain tarot deck! And, how can you not smile when you see cat tarot decks? Be sure to find one that makes your heart sing. 

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Disney Tarot cards with Villains

 Sometimes you find an image that speaks to you. While writing book 8 in my Keystone County Witches series, the Spiritsong Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy was the deck that jumped out at me.

spiritsong tarot

 The Rider Tarot Deck is widely known as the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith collaborated on this massively, popular tarot deck.

Rider Tarot Deck

This Morgan-Greer Tarot deck has been influenced by the Rider Tarot deck, and offers a borderless image, along with bright, bold coloring. It was authored by Bill F. Greer.

Morgan Greer tarot


The Modern Witch Tarot Deck offers gorgeous artwork, beautiful diverse people, and is authored by Lisa Sterle.

modern witch tarot

The Cat Tarot deck offers a fun, entertaining twist on the classic tarot deck. If you’re a feline fan, you’re going to adore this deck.

cat tarot

No matter what style of deck speaks to you, you’re bound to find something that’s uniquely you–whether it’s a classic deck like Rider-Waite or a whimsical deck like the Disney Villains Tarot deck. 

Here are some of the tarot decks mentioned in my stories

  • Rider Waite
  •  Morgan-Greer
  •  Spiritsong
  • Cosmic Tribe
 Looking for help? If you’re new to tarot and feeling overwhelmed, books like this can help you learn the different meanings of the cards, along with teaching you different spreads.


Who doesn’t love crystals? The colors, the energy, the properties…

Here are a few neat crystal items I love. Besides having individual crystals,(the first I ever bought was a rough Citrine piece and a clear crystal point), there are sets. I love sets. I bought a cool set that had multiple crystals in it. Here’s what I picked up, and a few others I thought were neat. I loved how it was packaged in a gorgeous box, all secure, each bottle with it’s own place.

I Have This One:

The one below is a 31 pc. Crystal Set

Self-Care for Witches (#selfcareforwitches)

Taking care of yourself is a priority. It’s easy to forget about putting yourself first sometimes. Here are a few things that focus on self-care. Take these tarot decks  made with self-care in mind.

Sometimes, it’s things like taking time to journal or self-reflecting that can make a difference in our day-to-day life. This journal is an example of something you might use to help you focus on yourself.

It says… “Commit to your self-care routine with intention and dedication. Filled with guided prompts and simple activity logs for day and night, this 90-day journal helps you develop a habit of regular self-care…

Lastly, this book is one worth checking out.  It focuses on guiding you on a journey of self-discovery using tarot. 

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