Tarot decks mentioned in my stories: Rider Waite, Morgan Greer, Spiritsong, Cosmic Tribe, along with a few others you might enjoy.

My son picked me up the Disney Villain tarot deck! And, how can you not smile when you see cat tarot decks? Here are a few decks worth checking out. Find one that makes your heart sing. 

 Sometimes you find an image that speaks to you. While writing book 8 in my Keystone County Witches series, the Spiritsong Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy was the deck that jumped out at me.

 The Rider Tarot Deck is widely known as the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith collaborated on this massively, popular tarot deck.

This Morgan-Greer Tarot deck has been influenced by the Rider Tarot deck, and offers a borderless image, along with bright, bold coloring. It was authored by Bill F. Greer.

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The Modern Witch Tarot Deck offers gorgeous artwork, beautiful diverse people, and is authored by Lisa Sterle.

The Cat Tarot deck offers a fun, entertaining twist on the classic tarot deck. If you’re a feline fan, you’re going to adore this deck.

No matter what style of deck speaks to you, you’re bound to find something that’s uniquely you–whether it’s a classic deck like Rider-Waite or a whimsical deck like the Disney Villains Tarot deck. 



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